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Battery (crime)

In many common law jurisdictions, the crime of battery involves an injury or other contact upon theperson of another in a manner likely to cause bodily harm.

Contact prohibited by laws against battery has lately been understood to include bodily secretions being directed at another person without their permission, and in such cases depending on the system is automatically considered aggravated battery.

As a first approximation to the distinction between battery and assault:
• the overt behavior of an assault might be A advancing upon B by chasing after him and swinging a fist at his head, while
• that of an act of battery might be A actually striking B.

Battery (tort)

At common law, battery is the tort of intentionally causing harmful or offensive contact with another person. As distinguished from assault, battery requires an actual contact, not just intent to cause contact.

While the law varies by jursidiction, contact is often defined as "harmful" if it injures, disfigures, impairs, or causes pain. Contact is deemed "offensive" if would offend a reasonable person’s sense of personal dignity. This exludes contact generally occuring in during the ordinary conduct of life such the bumps and nudges experienced on the street or in crowds.

Battery need not require body-to-body contact. Any volitional movement, such as throwing an object toward another, can constitute battery. Touching an object "intimately connected" to a person (such as an object he is holding) can also be battery.

A claim of battery can be justified in situations of self-defence or defence of a third party where the force was deemed reasonable. It can also be justified in the context of a sport where consent can often be implied.

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